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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

When the check engine light illuminates in your vehicle, it can bring a sense of worry or dread. Typically, there will be no other signs of a problem with your vehicle aside from the ominous yellow light, so drivers are left to wonder and fret about what could be going on under the hood. Mark’s Japanese European Auto in Bellevue, Washington is on a mission to change the perspective of this dashboard indicator. In reality, it’s your vehicle’s way of communicating in advance of a serious problem so that you can schedule service soon. While the light is plainly lit up — not flashing — it’s safe to continue driving your vehicle until the earliest moment that you can visit our shop. The sooner you come in for service, the sooner our technicians can identify the cause and perform repairs to mitigate further damages! If you delay your vehicle’s repairs, the problem can worsen and lead to a breakdown, in which case the check engine light will begin to flash as a signal to pull over immediately.


The check engine light doesn’t only warn of major engine problems, like a failing catalytic converter. It could be triggered by something as simple as a loose gas cap! The only way to know exactly what kind of repairs are in your future is to visit the import specialists at Mark’s Japanese European Auto. We use dealership-quality scan tools to accurately read the trouble code behind the check engine light– the message from your vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers design your car’s computer system to detect potential issues early on and deliver a message with the alert of the “service engine soon” icon so that drivers can handle repairs promptly before any serious damage occurs. Whether you drive an Acura or a Volvo, our technicians have advanced diagnostic equipment to read the code from your vehicle’s computer system. We don’t play guessing games with your check engine light, which means our repairs are consistently accurate and quick.

Your Convenient Solution

Now that you know what the check engine light is trying to tell you, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with worry. Simply schedule an appointment or stop by the Japanese and European repair experts in Bellevue, Washington! Our shop is easy to find at 1414 132nd Avenue just off of Bel-Red Road. Our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and repairing check engine light issues. Once your vehicle is in their care, you can rest assured that its performance will be completely restored. We are so confident in their accuracy and skill that we guarantee their workmanship with a 15-month/15,00-mile warranty! Call us at 425-454-1881 as soon as you notice your check engine light. We are here to help!