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While you may not encounter road hazards or possible collisions on a daily basis it is important that you can safely come to a complete stop whenever necessary! If you’ve noticed that it takes you longer to stop, it might be time for a brake check. At Marks Japanese-European Auto in Issaquah, we are Import Brake Repair Experts. We can take care of your Front, Rear, squeaky or spongy brakes. Since starting our specialty shop over 30 years ago, we’ve built our name upon European, Asian & Japanese auto service expertise. Just ask about our quality service and you’ll find that our reputation precedes us. Our owner Mark Wagner worked at an auto repair shop & studied in Mainz, Germany. When it comes to import auto repair in Issaquah, we are totally confident that Marks Japanese-European Auto is the best option in town! Take advantage of our Brake special below!

$25 OFF
Full Brake Job (per axle!)

Restrictions apply. Most cars. Cannot be combined