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Why You Need Timing Belt Replacement

Have you been told that your vehicle needs timing belt replacement and want more information? Mark’s Japanese European Auto in Kirkland, Washington has all of the answers you are looking for! As Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians, we are familiar with the complex inner workings of your vehicle’s engine. We know that the crankshaft controls the piston’s linear movement and that the camshaft opens and closes the engine’s valves to facilitate air flow. We also know about the terrible disaster that occurs when these parts are out of perfect unison. Interference, or the collision of pistons and valves, occurs when the timing belt wears out or fails. That’s why vehicle manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement to prevent interference and complete engine failure! It’s also why our shop specializes in timing belt replacement for import vehicles. We want to help our customers keep their cars in top condition!

The timing belt synchronizes the crankshaft and camshaft to sync the movement of pistons and valves. The teeth on the chain keep every part moving in perfect time so the engine runs smoothly and powerfully. Over time, these teeth may wear out, causing slippage and throwing off ideal timing. Once the timing is compromised, your engine may be at risk of a costly breakdown. Luckily, interference is completely avoidable by following your manufacturer’s recommendations for timing belt replacement. If you are unsure what that means for your specific vehicle, check your owner’s manual or contact one of our expert service advisors. We can help you schedule preventative timing belt replacement to keep your engine running as designed.

Why Mark’s Japanese European Auto?

Each vehicle model is uniquely designed and manufactured. Within major vehicle brands, manufacturers rely on similar technology and systems to create a powerful driving machine. That means that servicing across all makes and models can be tricky. A Volkswagen is not engineered the same as a Chevrolet. Our technicians specialize in Japanese and European makes to deliver dealership-quality repairs for each individual vehicle. Whether you drive an Audi or a Lexus, we can provide expert service with guaranteed quality and reliability. We are confident in our skilled technicians, which is why we stand behind their work with a 15-month/15,000-mile warranty! If you want to know more about how our services in Kirkland, Washington and how they can benefit your vehicle, contact us at 425-823-4646. We look forward to hearing from you!

To book your vehicle’s timing belt service at our shop, use our convenient online scheduling system. Our team will be ready for your arrival and can promise a prompt turnaround to get you back on the road quickly. We also accept walk-in customers so feel free to stop by 13500 100th Avenue when you are in the area! We can’t wait to see you!