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Full-Service Repair & Maintenance

Your Audi vehicle was designed and crafted with performance and technology in mind. From their innovative interior design to the quality handling, there are many performance benefits you can experience from your Audi. At Mark’s Japanese European Auto in Bellevue, Washington, we want to make sure you’re experiencing these benefits for years to come. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize equipment and service practices approved by the manufacturer themselves to provide your Audi with a dealership-quality experience. But unlike the dealership, we’ll always make sure you know what’s going on with your Audi; we’ll never leave you in the dark!

Does Your Audi Require Service?

Many Audi vehicle owners understand that to get the best performance from their vehicle, they must have it go through a routine maintenance schedule. Although we agree with this, we also believe that it’s essential to understand the basic signs of wear-and-tear. Having this knowledge allows you to prevent a small issue from turning into a massive problem, and it will save your car and wallet in the long run. Here are just a few warning signals that you should look for if you suspect something wrong with your Audi vehicle.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

As you learn more about your Audi vehicle, you’ll get a feel for when it will need its next fill-up. If you notice that you have to visit the pump a lot more frequently than you have in the past, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency has dropped. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific issue that you can pinpoint. From misaligned wheels to a failing engine, there are a variety of causes for this issue. Make sure you visit our team to identify the root of the issue accurately!

Bad Motor Oil

As the lifeblood of your engine, motor oil plays an important role in the health and performance of your Audi. Motor oil is the reason why the engine can stay properly lubricated and clean, and the engine could quickly fall into a state of disrepair without it. It’s why you need to look out for worn motor oil, which typically takes on a dark and gritty appearance. Don’t be alarmed if you see this appearance though, as it merely means the motor oil is doing its job. But at that point, the oil has lost most of its helpful additives, and it would be best to change it for fresh oil at your earliest convenience!

We’re Ready to Help You!

Whether your Audi requires major repairs or it needs simple maintenance, make sure you visit Mark’s Japanese European Auto, the area’s go-to Audi service professionals. Our automotive professionals are some of the best in the business and have extensive knowledge of Audi’s service expectations and the industry as a whole. Our shop is also stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and components approved by Audi manufacturers, so feel confident knowing that only the best is ever being installed into your vehicle! Just call our shop at 425-454-1881 or visit us on 1414 132nd Ave NE Bellevue to schedule your next service appointment today! We happily accept walk-in customers as well, so feel free to visit us for service at a time that’s convenient for you!