Auto Repairs You Need in the PNW

Withstand the Salt, Snow, & Sun! Life in Issaquah, Washington has its perks. We are close to the ocean, the mountains, and enjoy all four seasons of weather. That means your car has to be ready to bear it all. Mark’s Japanese European Auto is here to protect your import from the conditions of the

3 Auto Repairs Hawaiians Need

Vehicle Maintenance Must-Do’s Island life has its benefits, but there are also a few downsides to living by the ocean. In Kaneohe, Hawaii, drivers have to work harder to maintain their vehicles, as the salty, wet air can accelerate wear-and-tear. It’s not uncommon for cars in our area to require the following auto repairs because

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Auto Repairs

Tips from the Pros The team at Mark’s Japanese European Auto is highly trained to understand how vehicles work and what they need to stay healthy. With our customer’s best interests in mind, we provide maintenance services that are sure to keep drivers in Kirkland, Washington on the road. But we can only help once

How to Tell When You Need Brake Repair

Watch Out for These Warning Signs! Red light! Stop sign! You count on your vehicle’s brakes to work in every situation on the road. But did you know that the brake components wear down with every use? Each time you hit the pedal, the brake pads wear a little thinner, taking you one step closer